It’s normal to pay little or no attention to the bail bond industry until you find yourself in a situation where you need these services. Houston bail bonds are given to people who are under arrest for certain charges. Once charges are leveled against you, you will be arraigned in a court of law to plead to the accusations. The judge may then grant you bail depending on the nature of crime you are alleged to have committed. If you want to avoid spending time in jail, you will have to pay the bond amount in full or get a bond company to pay it in full.

Most crimes are eligible for bail
Courts of law operate under the presumption of innocence until a defendant is proven guilty. This is why even people accused of serious crimes such as rape and murder may qualify for bail. Bail is not meant to work as punishment for the accused but is only designed to ensure that the defendant will appear in court for the hearing of the case. Even when bail is denied, defendants will have the right to a bail hearing.

A bail bond agent can impose their own conditions
Apart from the courts, bail bond agents can also impose their own conditions. It is important to remember that these agents assume responsibility for the defendant’s bail. Some of the factors bail bond agents will consider when imposing conditions include unfamiliarity with the person facing charges, the nature of the crime, the defendant’s history with jumping bail, whether the defendant is a citizen of the United States and any current substance abuse problems.

Bail can be recovered in some circumstances
When bail is posted in cash, either by the defendant or a party acting on their behalf, the money can be recovered once the matter has been adjudicated. In case the bail was high, anyone would be happy to get their money back in the event that charges end up being dropped. However, regardless of how the matter is adjudicated, it will not be possible to recover the bail bonds agent’s fee.

Not all bail bonds are the same
Just like any other industry, there are different bail bonds agencies in Houston. While some of these agents will handle bail bonds professionally and with respect, others will deal with the matter in a shabby manner. It is important to work with agencies that welcome business from clients. The fact that one is accused of a crime does not necessarily mean that they are guilty of the crime.

What if you do not appear in court?
Bail bonds depend on the attendance of court hearings by the accused until the case is concluded. In case you do not appear in court, the bail bond company can use various ways to locate you and bring you to court.
Houston bail bonds can help to keep you out of jail before the fate of charges against you is determined. With the important role that these services play, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with how the process works.